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An artist’s job doesn’t end with the aesthetic of an object. When an artwork fills an entire space or is in a public place, an artist must ensure that the structure is engineered properly so that it is safe and viewable to its audiences. Create a conceptual artwork or an ideal environment for an existing artwork using practical mediums and 3D modeling software. Tour Carnegie Mellon University’s campus and the surrounding neighborhoods to seek out artworks in public spaces and explore the museum’s galleries for ideas on how to construct sculptures, murals, or installations that engage, excite and create wonder. This workshop meets at Carnegie Mellon University in the School of Architecture studios and will utilize computers and digital tools on campus. Students will make regular trips to Carnegie Museum of Art. 

The last day to register for this camp is June 7, 2023

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It’s not trash, it’s an art-making tool! Get inspired and inventive with recycled materials and everyday objects to create extraordinary art out of the ordinary. Consider the way artists reduce, reuse, recycle, and respond to environmental issues. Then, draw, sculpt, and collage with a new material challenge every day and collaborate with your fellow artists to create an unconventional material art installation in your studio that will transform the entire space.

The last day to register for this camp is August 9, 2023

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