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Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and more—they’ve all changed life on our planet over and over again. Discover how people and ecosystems have responded to extreme events throughout geologic time. Construct model lava flows, asteroid impacts, and volcanoes. Build a model city and put it to the test with our mega-quake-tsunami challenge on Friday.

Last day to register is July 1, 2020.

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We’ve received a mysterious message from space—help us decode the transmission! Travel into the solar system and beyond as we trace the communication back to the senders. Compare Earth’s most extreme climates to distant planets’ and moons’, and determine what makes a hunk of space rock habitable. Plus, compete in a friendly design challenge as you craft a model rocket to travel to those far off celestial bodies.

Last day to register is July 8, 2020.

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Hike miles into the forest on a survival adventure! Perform wilderness first aid, build a campfire, and construct a shelter in the woods. Unlock scavenger hunt clues with Morse code and design a water purification system. Unleash the power of animal adaptations to aid your survival. Collect badges as you learn new survival skills, and then put those skills to the test on the ultimate wilderness quest!

Last day to register is July 22, 2020.

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From basic biology to high-tech sportswear, investigate how animals and people adapt to extreme environments. Find out how your own sensory systems and reflexes measure up to animal survival instincts. Improve your outdoor adventuring skills by learning about basic first aid, nutrition, and hydration needs for camping and hiking. Create a water purification system, and concoct the perfect trail mix for a day hike. Compare traditional fishing and hunting techniques across cultures.

Activity fee: $45
Field trip day to Powdermill Nature Reserve: museum pick up at 6:30 p.m. Late afternoon snack provided.

Last day to register is July 29, 2020.

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