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A young artist making a sculpture.

3D Art and Sculpture Studio

Price: $300 (Members: $275)

Think and create in three dimensions. From ancient to contemporary art, indoors to outside, discover the variety of media available for creating sculpture by studying the collection at Carnegie Museum of Art. Go beyond the marble figure and learn how to build things with a variety of media and processes, guided by a professional teaching artist. Take what inspires you into the studio to begin your own experiments. From sketches to finished work, use your creativity to bring your sculptures to life. Make something wearable, use plaster gauze to cast your own body, experiment with clay, or construct with fabric and found objects. Deconstruct existing objects and reimagine them to create something new. Develop your portfolio and gain insight into your work and the work of your peers through group critique and discussion. This workshop meets on Carnegie Mellon’s campus. Students will make regular walking trips to Carnegie Museum of Art.

The last day to register for this camp is August 3, 2022

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