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campers outside with small fishing nets

Eco Rangers

Powdermill Nature Reserve
1795 Route 381, Rector, PA 15677

Price: $270 (Members: $250)

Discover the conservation science that happens every day at Powdermill! Hike to the avian research center and create designs to protect birds from colliding with windows. Explore Powdermill Run, an exceptional-value stream, and build a model watershed. Practice conserving water and recycling. Screen-print an endangered animal T-shirt and learn about species of concern in diverse habitats. Explore worldwide ecosystems and more on an extended-day field trip to Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Day trip day to Carnegie Museum of Natural History: camp pick-up from Powdermill at 6 p.m. Late afternoon snack provided.

Last day to register is July 8, 2019.

Registration Information