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kids playing games in post-camp

HiFives!: Science of the Senses

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Price: $375 (Members: $350)

Calling all five-year-olds who are ready for a full-day camp adventure! 
See it! Smell it! Hear it! Touch it! Discover how your brain decodes the world. Learn how vision impacts taste buds by taking a blind taste test. Follow your nose to solve a smelly mystery. Sharpen your eyesight as you search for clues on a sensory scavenger hunt. Become a nocturnal naturalist by training your ears to identify owls, insects, and other nighttime critters. 

Hi-Fives! camps are recommended for kids who have finished a year of full-day kindergarten or full-day child care. 

This camp is a full-day experience set at the best pace for young learners. Fascinating science experiments and nature explorations are interspersed with snacks, rest time, and active play to keep your child engaged all day. Maximum class size is 15 students with a 5:1 child-to-adult ratio. 

Please note: Pre-camp and post-camp care are not available for Hi-Fives! campers. Hi-Fives! campers must be picked up by 3:15 p.m.

The last day to register for this camp is July 5, 2023.

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